New Song projects this autumn:



23rd-26th October - commercial recording of a collection of unrecorded love songs by Robert Franz. 

This project includes a critical publication of the songs in their original keys together with an article that reassesses Franz's life.  

Project led by mezzo soprano Victoria Edge. Tenor, William Searle.



1st November, Holywell Music Room, Oxford 

Wadham College Music Society and Oxford Song Network

Song recital, Israeli composer Stella Lerner's settings of poetry by Lea Goldberg

Soprano, Sharon Rostorff-Zamir


8th November, 1pm

Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester

Weinberg - Citizen of Nowhere 

songs by  the Jewish Polish composer who escaped the holocaust and survived Stalin's Russia. Settings of mainly Jewish poetry in Polish, Russian and Yiddish.

Baritone, Mark Glanville 


This project will carry on in 2019 - centenary year of Weinberg's birth with further performances at the South Bank's Purcell Room in February and a commercial recording in March

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